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Matosinhos at UCCN

Matosinhos: A Potential Milestone for the UNESCO Creative Cities Network


The inclusion of Matosinhos in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network has the potential to be a cultural and gastronomic landmark. With its rich culinary tradition and proximity to the sea, the city brings a vibrant expression of Portuguese gastronomy to the global network.

Matosinhos represents a culinary tradition rooted in the wealth of the oceans, but also in sustainable innovation. Institutions like CIIMAR are leading the way in exploring ecological solutions for aquaculture, showcasing Matosinhos's commitment to sustainability and the future of our oceans.

Matosinhos, located on the coast of Portugal, is a city that has always made the most of the gifts of the sea, creating an enviable culinary tradition. What sets it apart is its ability to blend this ancient tradition with a modern consciousness about the need for sustainable practices. This combination of authentic flavor with ecological responsibility makes Matosinhos a model city for the gastronomy of the future.

This city, the "Atlantic gateway to Europe," also brings a unique perspective to the network, due to its particular relationship with the Portuguese language and the sea. This duality allows Matosinhos to establish meaningful partnerships with other coastal and Lusophone cities, expanding the cultural and linguistic representation of the network.

Literature and design are two areas where Matosinhos stands out, in addition to gastronomy. This combination strengthens its potential to create multidisciplinary dialogues within the network, generating enriching exchanges and unparalleled creative dynamism.

Matosinhos has the potential to enrich the UNESCO Creative Cities Network with its passion for gastronomy, its commitment to the sustainability of the oceans, and its rich cultural tapestry, making the city a strong candidate to be the next member of the network.

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