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Gastronomy and Creativity

The vibrant gastronomy industry of Matosinhos plays a crucial role in the city's local economy and creative culture. Employing over 5,900 individuals across 625 businesses, the gastronomy industry in Matosinhos is a significant driver of the city's economy, generating around 7% of jobs and a turnover of approximately €661.6 million.

Matosinhos's fame as a premier culinary destination did not happen by chance. Thanks to its privileged location on the Atlantic coast, the city has always had access to a variety of fresh sea produce, which played a key role in shaping a vibrant and distinctive culinary culture. This strong bond with the sea is apparent not only in the abundance of local restaurants and seafood houses, but also in how Matosinhos's residents honor and celebrate their gastronomic heritage.

With a series of gastronomic events like "Taste Matosinhos", "aMar Matosinhos – Fish and Seafood Festival", "Rally Fish", and "VisEAT Angeiras", the city celebrates the richness and diversity of its culinary heritage. These events draw thousands of visitors each year, who come to taste the variety of culinary delights that Matosinhos has to offer.

The restaurant sector represents a large percentage of business generated in Matosinhos - 85% of turnover and 86% of employment in tourist activity (accommodation and catering). These impressive figures underline the importance of the gastronomy sector to the local economy, as well as its role in attracting visitors to the city.

Furthermore, Matosinhos is also investing in the future of its gastronomy sector. With more than 400 students enrolled in professional schools and adult training centers in the fields of tourism, catering, and bar service, the city is preparing the next generation of professionals to take its gastronomy industry even further.

The brand “Matosinhos World’s Best Fish” is yet another demonstration of the city's pride in its gastronomic culture. Through this initiative, Matosinhos promotes its gastronomic identity and establishes its position on gastronomic promotion routes and guides throughout the country.

In Matosinhos, gastronomy is more than an industry - it's a form of creative expression, a way to connect people, and a testament to the city's cultural heritage and identity. Each dish served is a tribute to the city's history, its rich maritime tradition, and its passion for culinary innovation.

As a Creative City, Matosinhos is determined to keep its gastronomic heritage alive, while seeking new ways to express its creativity through cooking. The city welcomes innovation in gastronomy, encouraging local chefs to experiment with new flavors and techniques, while still remaining true to its culinary roots.

Matosinhos' gastronomic traditions represent a unique fusion of historical influences and modern creativity. Whether it's the art of preparing fresh fish on the grill, the complex technique behind a seafood dish, or the reinvention of a local culinary classic, the city takes pride in its commitment to culinary excellence and creative innovation.

Fresh and high-quality produce are at the heart of Matosinhos's cuisine. Local chefs value locally sourced ingredients, from fresh fish caught in the Atlantic, to produce grown in the surrounding region. This commitment to quality not only enhances the taste and texture of dishes, but also promotes sustainable practices and supports local farmers and fishermen.

In Matosinhos, culinary creativity extends beyond the plate. The city is filled with restaurants and cafes with unique designs and inviting atmospheres, where visitors can enjoy their meal in an inspiring environment. From modern and minimalist spaces to historic locations full of charm, there's a place for everyone.

The Matosinhos community is committed to sharing its rich gastronomic heritage with the world. As a UNESCO Creative City, Matosinhos hopes to serve as a model of how gastronomy can be a form of creative expression, a driving force for sustainable economic development, and a means of preserving and celebrating local cultural identity.

Last but not least, Matosinhos is a city that celebrates diversity and inclusion through its gastronomy. The city embraces a variety of culinary cultures and traditions, offering an array of dishes that reflect Portugal's rich cultural tapestry.

Come and discover Matosinhos, where gastronomy and creativity meet. Experience our diverse range of flavors, explore our culinary history, and let yourself be inspired by our passion for innovation and excellence. Welcome to Matosinhos, the city where tradition meets modernity and creativity never ends.

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