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Local Projects

The GASTRONOMY ACADEMY aims to empower technicians and managers in the restaurant sector, agricultural producers, aquaculture and fisheries, and the vulnerable working-age population. The Academy will operate in three areas: training the working-age population who are unemployed or have low qualifications to integrate them into the job market; training economic actors in the food sector to undergo the green and digital transition and improve their services; and finally, exchanging know-how and strengthening relationships between producers and restaurants. The goal is to enhance professionalism, service quality, and sustainability in the sector.


Project aligned with Farm to Fork, the European Green Deal, and SDGs 2, 8, 10, 12, and 17.

Gastronomy Academy Projeto Local


FOOD-CARE is a food literacy program that aims to educate for healthier eating habits. The project targets the school community, students (particularly those at risk of dropping out), families (particularly those on the brink of poverty), and immigrant communities.

The actions will be conducted by nutritionists, chefs, market operators, fishermen, and farmers, and they involve knowledge exchange between industry stakeholders and multi-generational audiences, promoting healthy and seasonal eating (SDGs 3, 4), the inclusion of local foods, particularly seafood, in local menus (SDG 12), the reduction of food waste (SDG 12), environmental best practices (SDG 13), interculturalism, and respect for differences (SDG 11). For this purpose, educational resources such as a website, videos, podcasts, games, visits to fish markets, canneries, and gardens will be developed. These educational resources will be created in collaboration with designers, illustrators, photographers, and other creative professionals to promote the integration of gastronomy and food literacy within the communities involved.


The project follows the guidelines of Farm to Fork and Agenda 2030.


Food-Care  Projeto Local



SEA OF CULTURE is a gastronomy celebration event in Matosinhos and its intrinsic relationship with the sea, actively promoting local dining through gastronomic routes, special menus with local products, and exclusive events with chefs. Additionally, the project includes the documentation and storytelling of Matosinhos' gastronomic history, translated into a publication/exhibition dedicated to products, recipes, and spaces, combining gastronomy with literature and design.

In this event, chefs will be invited to collaborate with other industry stakeholders such as fishing professionals or canning industry workers, as well as contemporary artists, challenging them to create true edible works of art. By combining gastronomy and contemporary art, it promotes innovation and creativity, stimulating experimentation and collaboration between chefs and artists.

The event will take place as a street action parallel to the "Oceans Future Summit" initiative (see 11.2).


The project actively contributes to the gastronomic reputation of the destination and exemplifies responsible consumption models (SDG 12).

Relationship with other creative fields: Literature and Design

Sea of Culture  Projeto Local

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