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Public Policies

Matosinhos has been implementing strong and strategic public policies in the field of gastronomy, recognizing the importance of this sector as a driver of economic and cultural development in the municipality. In partnership with representative entities and with the support of specific programs and initiatives, Matosinhos has been promoting the growth and internationalization of local gastronomy.

One example of this investment is the support for economic development through institutions such as the Office for Economic Activities and Investment and the InvestMatosinhos program. These initiatives aim to attract and support new businesses in the territory, providing an environment conducive to gastronomic innovation and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the partnership with APHORT (Portuguese Association of Hotels, Restaurants, and Tourism), the Gastronomic Confraternity of the Sea, the School of Hotel and Tourism of Porto, and the Matosinhos Restaurant Association has resulted in the creation of the "Mar à Mesa" Label, which values and certifies local restaurants.

In the context of the creative economy, Matosinhos has become a reference in promoting and showcasing the city's cultural and creative agents. The "World's Best Fish" brand stands out as a platform that values the gastronomy sector, establishing connections with the municipality's cultural and tourist resources.

The city has also invested in the improvement and revitalization of gastronomic venues, such as the Municipal Markets. Through cultural and gastronomic events, Matosinhos has been able to attract diverse audiences and highlight the richness of local products. The positive response from restaurants and the advantageous economic returns are a testament to the success of these efforts.

With a clear focus on sustainability and the valorization of cultural and creative resources, Matosinhos has been developing public policies that contribute to the construction of a creative and gastronomic city, recognized nationally and internationally. Through support for entrepreneurs, cultural promotion, and fostering innovation, Matosinhos continues to strengthen its position as one of the leading gastronomic destinations in the region.


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