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Networks and internationalization

Matosinhos, a coastal city renowned for its rich cuisine, embraces a vision of innovation and sustainability reflected in its international partnerships and projects. This northern Portuguese city, with its deep roots in the sea and the kitchen, presents itself as an international platform for cooperation and knowledge sharing, placing gastronomy as one of the pillars of its cultural identity.

The city stands out for its active collaboration with academic institutions, businesses, and associations in promoting a sustainable blue economy. This commitment was showcased through Matosinhos' participation in the BluAct contest, a project boosting the blue economy across seven European coastal cities. With winning projects like Bioworld, PINKTech, and Blue container, Matosinhos is not only encouraging innovation but also creating an ecosystem of sustainable and inclusive growth.

Another highlight is the "RESTAURANTE 100%" seal, a badge of cooperation between the public, private, and academic sector. This recognition is awarded to restaurants that excel in promoting local cuisine and culture, underlining the importance of gastronomy to Matosinhos.

Matosinhos has been establishing international relations through gastronomy, as exemplified by the project "The Sea that Unites Us" with Vilagarcia de Arousa in Galicia, and its presence at the International Gastronomic Tourism Fair, Xantar. The city also actively collaborates in networks like RETE - Association for Collaboration between Ports and Cities, and the Association of the Atlantic Axis of the Northwest Peninsula, where the sharing of knowledge and experiences strengthen its role in global gastronomy.

Additionally, the Casa da Arquitectura has established itself as an international reference center, promoting partnerships with Brazilian institutions and contributing to the projection and valorization of local design and architecture.

Moreover, Matosinhos has established partnerships with associational entities and research institutions, aiming to develop joint activities and promote international cooperation. The participation in projects such as BluAct and the EU4Ocean Summer Course demonstrates the municipality's commitment to strengthen networks and the internationalization of Matosinhos' gastronomy.

The city also has ties with the literary and design world, as showcased by the Literature in Travel (LeV) Festival, and the significant presence of the House of Architecture, respectively. Both events attract renowned international personalities and place Matosinhos on the cultural and gastronomic tourism map. The municipality also participates in the organization of the Open House Porto and Porto Design Biennale, events that attract renowned personalities worldwide and place Matosinhos in the path of cultural and gastronomic tourism.

Thus, the city of Matosinhos, by integrating into international networks and promoting innovation in its rich culinary culture, strengthens its position as a creative city. This commitment reflects the city's vision for an inclusive and sustainable economy, anchored in its culinary heritage and its unique relationship with the sea. Matosinhos is a city that, in its constant search for innovation, keeps its gastronomic traditions alive and relevant in an era of globalization.


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