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Matosinhos, being one of the largest European clusters of restaurants per square meter, has a long and rich relationship with gastronomy. This special bond is reflected in the multitude of actors who contribute to its development and the enrichment of local gastronomy.

In the more than 485 catering establishments, we find a universe of dedicated professionals that generate over 5900 jobs. Their gastronomic creations are fueled by a variety of local productive sectors, such as fishing, the canning industry, and agriculture, as well as the Municipal Markets of Matosinhos and Angeiras.

The Municipal Markets play a crucial role by housing more than 80 operators, including fish and fruit and vegetable stalls, and catering spaces. They also contribute to the intersection of gastronomy with creativity and culture, hosting an incubator of the Superior School of Art and Design.

We cannot forget the vital role of local chefs in promoting a contemporary approach to Matosinhos gastronomy. Chefs like Rui Paula, who gave his restaurant Casa de Chá da Boa Nova a two Michelin star reputation, are invaluable figures for local gastronomy.

Local associations, such as the Gastronomic Brotherhood of the Sea and the Association for the Animation of the City of Matosinhos, play an indispensable role in promoting and preserving local identity and customs. Furthermore, schools and nutrition and tourism professionals, drive the development of skills in food literacy and gastronomy, contributing to the education of more than 17 thousand local students.

Dedicated agents like the Association of Matosinhos Restaurants, ÁGRIMA – Matosinhos Agricultural Cooperative, AECM – Business Association of the Municipality of Matosinhos and the Regional Development Association Litoral Rural also tirelessly work to empower the active population. These entities promote training and diverse actions to improve competitiveness and innovation in the production and trade sectors.

The Gastronomic Brotherhood of the Sea, in turn, is dedicated to ensuring the maintenance of Matosinhos gastronomic traditions, promoting events that encourage the appreciation of Atlantic coast products.

All these actors, together, ensure that Matosinhos maintains a close and vibrant relationship with gastronomy, preserving its traditions while innovating and empowering its active population for a sustainable future.


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