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Events and Equipments


Matosinhos is a remarkable city that strikes the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, showcasing its commitment to culture, gastronomy, and entrepreneurship. With a vibrant array of events and facilities, the city highlights its rich cultural heritage, the creative spirit of its inhabitants, and a passion for food.

The municipal markets of Matosinhos, including the Municipal Market and Jardim Basílio Teles with its EcoMarket on Saturdays, are epicenters of the local economy. Upholding and valorizing traditional sectors such as fishing and agriculture, they promote sustainability and short commercialization circuits. The "Sustainability Strategy of Matosinhos and Angeiras markets" is a program aimed at developing a set of initiatives that integrate behavioral change and good sustainability practices into the daily agenda. Events such as: Solidarity Market, The Faces of the Market, Showcookings using seasonal products available in the markets, and "if I were sea" are just some of the events promoted by the markets, positioning themselves as awareness centers for sustainability and inclusion practices.

The "Hortas à Porta" project fosters the creation of green spaces and the adoption of sustainable habits, while canning factories, such as the Pinhais Canning Factory and Ramirez 1853, offer a unique glimpse into the city's industrial heritage. Other large-scale food sector companies, such as Super Bock, create unique experiences through tours, events, and workshops.

Matosinhos's gastronomic scene is highlighted by its renowned restaurants, like Casa de Chá da Boa Nova, a masterpiece by Arqt. Álvaro Siza Vieira, which offers an unforgettable culinary experience.

On the entrepreneurship front, Matosinhos hosts several business centers and incubators, such as UPTEC-MAR, Matosinhos Innovation Center, Quadra Design Incubator, ESAD-idea incubator, ANJE's Incubator in the New Central Business District, Mercadona's Co-innovation Center in Matosinhos, and Lionesa Business Hub. These initiatives help to drive economic growth by promoting innovation and stimulating entrepreneurial spirit.



The city also hosts a variety of cultural events, like the CIGA - Gastronomic Cinema Showcase festival, which combines the passion for food and cinema, the LeV - Literature on the Journey Festival, which integrates gastronomy into literature, the Medieval Fair "Hospitalários on the Santiago Way", and the Festa do Senhor de Matosinhos, vibrant events that highlight the rich local tradition and provide an authentic Matosinhos experience.

As a UNESCO Creative City, Matosinhos will celebrateits rich cultural heritage, the diversity of its economy, and its commitment to sustainability and entrepreneurship. We invite everyone to explore the dynamism and charm of this unique city.

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