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Inclusion and Sustainalibity

Matosinhos is a vibrant city that excels in its diverse and creative approach to education and culture. With a comprehensive cultural policy, the city promotes inclusion through a wide range of artistic and cultural expressions, creating opportunities for everyone, regardless of age or background.

Initiatives like the "Conservar Afetos Femininos" event highlight our commitment to inclusion. This event, aimed at women between 45 and 75 years old who have worked in the fishing and canning industry, promotes the strengthening of community bonds, sharing experiences, and mitigating situations of vulnerability.

In addition, the "Mercado Solidário" initiative underlines our commitment to social responsibility, providing access to food for needy families and encouraging social responsibility from municipal market operators.

As an educating city, Matosinhos also cares about integrating everyone into society. The "Matosinhos à volta da Mesa" program, promoted by ADEIMA, uses gastronomy as a means of promoting healthy lifestyle habits and social inclusion, inviting people of different nationalities to share their country's typical dishes.

Along the same lines, the Local Plan for the Integration of Roma Communities (PLICC) demonstrates the city's dedication to inclusion, through the development of parental skills and the promotion of healthy eating.

With these actions, Matosinhos is determined to build a creative and inclusive community that celebrates diversity and promotes sustainability. Join us on this journey of growth and innovation!


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