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Training and Research

Matosinhos, a Creative City, is not only a globally recognized gastronomic paradise but also a city that heavily invests in education and research, especially in areas that influence its rich culinary heritage. Two notable institutions that contribute immensely to this field of study are CIIMAR and CEiiA.

CIIMAR (Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research), an advanced research and training institution of the University of Porto, primarily focuses on studying the ocean and coastal zones. With a team of about 300 members, including professors, researchers, technicians, and postgraduate students, CIIMAR develops innovative solutions for economic and social problems related to the ocean. Among the more than 300 funded research projects they have undertaken, one standout program is their research in aquaculture, focused on improving the production of marine species with commercial potential for human consumption, such as oysters and mussels, central ingredients in Matosinhos' cuisine.

CEiiA (Centre for Engineering and Product Development), headquartered in Matosinhos and present in six more countries, works at the forefront of sustainable mobility and ocean study. CEiiA has developed more than 100 innovation projects and collaborates with more than 250 companies worldwide. In Matosinhos, the centre has worked closely with the Municipality on various projects, including the Living Lab, which aims to transform a residential neighbourhood into a smart and sustainable space. In addition, the transnational initiative +Atlantic Colab is focused on the blue economy, ocean sustainability, marine science, the health of marine ecosystems, climate change, and ocean literacy. One of the fundamental challenges addressed by this project is ensuring the sustainability of seafood, an essential topic for the continuity of Matosinhos' rich culinary tradition.

Within the context of sustainability, the city of Matosinhos promotes a series of programs and projects. In schools, projects such as "Frutinhas", "Divercook Challenge", "Movimento S", "Oficina de Educação Alimentar" and "Bufetes Escolares Saudáveis" highlight our mission to promote healthy and sustainable eating. In terms of environmental preservation, projects like "O Meu Quintal é o Meu Mundo" and "Horta nas Escolas" encourage environmental awareness and the practice of composting and organic farming.

These educational and research initiatives play a key role in shaping Matosinhos' identity as a Creative City. By investing in cutting-edge research and training the next generation of professionals, Matosinhos is securing its place on the global map as a city where creativity and innovation meet.


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