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Challenges and Opportunities


Matosinhos, a coastal city located in the Porto Metropolitan Area, is poised to face its challenges and seize its opportunities, underlining its position as a Creative City. This city is characteristically cosmopolitan and stands out as an Atlantic gateway to Europe, fostering cultural, commercial, and diplomatic relationships around the world.

Climate change is a significant challenge for Matosinhos, especially considering its coastal nature. Its approach to mitigate the effects of climate change is comprehensive, including initiatives to protect coastal and forest areas, and strategies to adapt to extreme weather events. This city collaborates with renowned research institutions such as CIIMAR and UPTEC – MAR, public and private entities like CEiiA, and its citizenry, to find cutting-edge solutions to climate-related issues.

The digital transition and aging population are other crucial areas of focus for Matosinhos. It seeks to bridge tradition with modernity by promoting digitalization in local businesses, particularly in the gastronomy sector. Programs aiming to support digital transformation are being implemented to aid family-run businesses and ensure the next generation is well-equipped with relevant skills. This strategy of intertwining tradition with technological innovation sets Matosinhos apart in this digital age.

Matosinhos' demographic challenges reflect in several aspects, including an aging active population and inequality in income distribution. To promote social cohesion, the city encourages projects that integrate innovation, entrepreneurship, and social intervention. These projects target vulnerable social groups and aim to reduce disparities, enhancing the overall socio-economic balance in the city.

Tourism, a major sector in Matosinhos, faces the challenge of seasonality. As a counter-measure, the city reinforces its cultural and gastronomic appeal as a year-round attraction. The city's investment in the brand World’s Best Fish and the establishment of gastronomic events and facilities bolster its appeal as a year-round tourism destination.

In a broader sense, Matosinhos is positioning itself as an international reference in entrepreneurship and technological innovation, with initiatives like the UPTEC incubator and research centers like CEiiA. The city's strategy is centered on ensuring the competitiveness of creative sector enterprises and attracting investment to strengthen the local economy.

Matosinhos is a city that is responding creatively and strategically to its challenges while capitalizing on its opportunities. Its commitment to social cohesion, sustainability, digitalization, and cultural richness uniquely position it to share the values of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.


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